About Cindy Beckett

Welcome to Cindy Beckett Photography

I am a Colorado-based landscape and night sky photographer whose passion is exploring our natural world to find and capture scenes that transcend the day-to-day experience and evoke a dream-like quality or show the viewer something unexpected.

My favorite themes include the movement of water and clouds, the night sky including the Milky Way, and the changing hues of light, land, and water during the twilight hours. By combining these themes with exceptional atmospheric conditions, I endeavor to present the world to you in a new way, and to share the story of place and time.

Much of creating a great landscape image is in gaining intimate knowledge of the environment and the conditions possible within that environment that will lead to new ways to experience it. Sometimes a great capture is serendipitous, and other times you plan and plan and return to a scene repeatedly until the light is magic, the lake is still, the stars align, or the sunset illuminates the mountain at just the right angle.

My philosophy for my photography is to work in concert with nature to appreciate the experience, learn and grow through experimentation, and to embrace the unexpected.

My background is in fine art and graphic design. After working in graphic design for awhile, I found my real passion was fine art photography. Having always been drawn to the outdoors, landscape and nature photography has been a perfect fit.Thanks for taking the time to visit.